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Running Everest World Records
Everest World Records is running under supervision and leadership of Mr. Mathura Shrestha, a musical world record holder and renowned musician. 


Size of the certificates
The size of the Everest World Records certificate size : Width 10 inches,Height 14 inches.
EWR Rules :
Rules :
1. Scan and attach Identity Card  with All Required Documents. If not attached,EWR immediately rejects your Record Proposal.
2. One person can only send one record proposal at a time.
if anyone sends us more than one record then we will reject or Block the Email.
3. Record Proposal must have exact size,area,time or date.
4. We need answer of your record proposal
Ex. How many? How big? How Long? When? etc.
5. Record related images is compulsory else it will be rejected.
6. Send Required EWR Documents , if you send any other documents we immediately reject it.
Log on :

We do not approve:
*Computer Hardware and software development system
* Any Mathematics formula
* Any PHD Topic
* Record which gives negative sense .

Required Documents

Full Name : 
Date of Birth :
Postal Address :
Email/Website :
Mobile/Phone No :    
*Witness : Register Lawyer( any one) or Expert Related Field ( any one)
*Video files,Images,and News Paper cuttings. 
Record Purpose ( within seven words) :
Record Title:
Record Category :
Record Attemped Place :
Record Attemped Date :
Record Image :
Record Info :
Email us :

1) How should record application be submitted?
Record Application should be submitted online.

2) Which type of record is accepted fast?
EWR immediately accepts creative,brave & wonderful records which must lie between human criteria.

3) Is every sent application accepted by EWR?
Only selected record idea is accepted, if not accepted we do not send further emails.

4) How does EWR approve records?
EWR triggers approval only after a depth scientific research.

5) Where should I send complete evidence at?
Send us your complete documents with evidences at
Everest World Records
Kathmandu, Nepal
G.P.O: 19239


6) How & when will I get confirmation Email ?
When your record idea is researched with full documents & evidences by Mr. Mathura shrestha, EWR will send you an Official Everest World Records confirmation Email from:

Record Topics

Literature  Medical  Science  Mosaic Art  Mass Participation  Modern Society  Food    Animal Welfare  Nature   Environment   Science   Technology  Exhibition   Sports    Travel    Transport    Communication    Programs  Book  Qualification    Longest    Shortest  Largest   Biggest  Smallest Tallest   Fastest   Oldest   Youngest   Human Ability   Amazing Feats   Drawing Adventure Theatre   Cinema   Random    Memory   Wonder Skill   Development   Arts    Circus Arts   Entertainment    Culture   Abacus   Achievements   Business   Collections    Painting   Education   Social Working  Music  Dance  Individual Hobbies   Multimedia   Television   Radio  Deepest   Farthest   Fewest   Greatest   Heavist   Highest   Lightest  Loudest   Lowest    Nearest    Oldest   Richest   Slowest   Tallest
Who is eligible for Everest Outstanding Achievement (EOA) ? 

Everest World Records does not only approve extra ordinary abilities but also respects and expose different adorable deeds of people in social,national as well as international arena and some people with exceptional features too.
1. EOA certificate is granted to a person who has donated blood for at least 25 times.
2. Any individual from any country,who has made his/her country known in the world with his/her talents.
3. Any doctor/nurse/health worker who has continuously served in medical field in rural areas of their country.
4. Anyone who has been contributing towards education sector of their country for over 25 years.
5. A person who has successfully brought the lighat of internet facility in a rural area/village of their country.
6. Personality or organization that has worked hard on changing the society.
7. Artist and celebrities who have organized at leat 10 charity programs for the poor and privileged. 

Notice :
Nepal government has introduced strict rule which prohibits sending any medal or materials from Nepal without legal documents, So scan and send id card (must include citizenship no, address and contact no.).