Everest World Records
G.P.O : 19239
Official email :

EWR Rules :
Rules :
1. Scan and attach Identity Card  with All Required Documents. If not attached,EWR immediately rejects your Record Proposal.
2. One person can only send one record proposal at a time.
if anyone sends us more than one record then we will reject or Block the Email.
3. Record Proposal must have exact size,area,time or date.
4. We need answer of your record proposal
Ex. How many? How big? How Long? When? etc.
5. Record related images is compulsory else it will be rejected.
6. Send Required EWR Documents , if you send any other documents we immediately reject it.
Log on : http://www.officialeverestworldrecords.com/Required%20Documents.html

We do not approve:
*Computer Hardware and software development system
* Any Mathematics formula
* Any PHD Topic
* Record which gives negative sense .

Interested person or organization please send following details. 

For Person :-
Name + Date of birth + permanent Address + work + purpose + Record attempted date.

For organization :-
Organization name + registered no + permanent address + work + purpose + Record attempted date.

Everest World Records has a added new record  topic Yoga (Kapal Bhati Pranayama, Anulom-Vilom and different Aasan) from 
19th January, 2019.